How Does Half-Full Bank Loan Work?

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In addition to people seeking loans to make an investment or start a business, there are also times when you are looking for credit to settle a debt or because you are negative. In the latter case there are companies that have specific credit solutions for negatives, such as the Half-Full Bank loan .


Half-Full Bank Loan

Half-Full Bank Loan

Half-Full Bank offers you the option of free online loan quote, and the company offers credit even if the customer is negative. For this it is necessary to enter the Half-Full Bank website, indicate the desired loan amount, the number of installments and thus know the conditions.

Note that Half-Full Bank offers a loan without collateral.


Total Effective Cost

Half-Full Bank CET ranges from 572.32% to 1777.54% per year. This means that if the customer chooses a loan of $ 1500, with CET of 681.11% per annum, to repay for 6 months, will have installments of $ 447.93 and in the end will have paid $ 2,687.58. The IOF paid will be R $ 19.18 and the rates will total R $ 100.



In Half-Full Bank loan you can choose to pay the amount in 3, 6, 9 or 12 times. In addition, you can choose loans with values ​​between $ 500 and $ 2500. The value of the installments is known in the site simulator.


What is necessary?

  • Be over 18
  • Active CPF
  • Have a bank account with Big Save Bank, Pradesco, Mega-P Bank, or Sanbuwan

According to the company website, the customer does not have the amount deposited only after approval when the CPF is not linked to the informed account or if the account and agency information entered in the proposal is wrong.


How is the loan application made?

loan application made?

The Half-Full Bank loan is done over the internet and goes through a credit analysis. Still, Half-Full Bank says on its website that 50% of its approved customers were negative when they applied for the loan.

Regarding the outcome of the order, there are customers who receive the response within minutes and there are in some cases some who need to submit some additional documents for review. After that, get the result in a few hours.


When is the Half-Full Bankated Loan Denied?

When is the Half-Full Bankated Loan Denied?

There are some reasons that lead to denial of Half-Full Bank online credit such as having income incompatible with the selected amount and term; there is a divergence between the information completed and the information consulted in the databases used by the company; and credit history or any restrictions on credit protection services.

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