Loan: Which is the Best Option for Me?

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To find out the best mode of personal loan, you should also consider why you apply. Is money immediate? Are you an individual? Retired? Do you want to use your own property as collateral? Or is it negative and want to catch up? Answering these questions, you can better choose which line fits your motif and pocket!


What is the best loan?

Do you already know the reason for your loan? Then check out the list we made and find out which option is best for you:

Payroll loan

Guaranteed loan

In payroll loans it is usually possible to get the best rate on the market. It is intended for INSS retirees and pensioners, as well as a civil servant or private company with agreements with banks. As the installments are debited monthly from payroll (pay stub), the institutions that offer it get lower interest rates, as they reduce the chances of default.


Guaranteed loan

Confirm that the company really exists

Do you have a property or car? Featuring one of the lowest rates on the market, this loan has a release between 15 and 60 days, depending on the financial and amount chosen. However, it is important to be aware and not to pay the installments to avoid the risk of losing the property that you put as collateral, such as the property or car.

Interest is initially cheaper because of the security given, but is it worth risking your property? Make sure that you are able to afford the benefits so that you do not suffer major losses.


Personal loan

Personal loan

An emergency or immediate need? The loan caters for almost all citizens and can be paid by bank slip or debit account depending on the financial. Clients often take this credit for debt transfer, for example, where the amount taken is used to repay the financial commitment and get lower installments and interest.

This is the best loan for those who want to start a business and need money or for those who have spent too much on their credit card in one month and don’t want to pay back almost 500% per annum.


Loan for negative

Loan for negative

Are you negative and have many financial commitments? Our tip is not to take a loan in this case because the interest rate that will be charged is one of the highest, going up to the interest rate charged on the credit card, which today is the highest in the market, surpassing 445%. In this case, we recommend that you renegotiate your debts with financial institutions.

One of the possibilities for the negotiation is to use Soresa Clean Name Fair, which started this November.

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